Friday 15 February 2013

CBN Prefects Go Frog!

Prefects from Convent Bukit Nanas (CBN), one of our pilot schools that has recently taken the lead in going paperless for 2013, impressed us with their spirit, enthusiasm, and creativity in using the Frog VLE. Together with the help of their teacher adviser, the CBN prefects took the initiative to develop a Prefects Site on the Frog VLE, which gave the prefects an avenue to make their voices heard and communicate with the rest of the school.

The Site has been independently driven by the prefectorial team, who regularly post up relevant topics and actively collaborate on it. By using the Wall widget on their site, they encourage other students to contribute and share their thoughts on topics of relevance.

This engaging site has interesting bytes of information like Interview of the Month, Highlight of the Week (which includes book, song and picture of the week), Just Sayin' (a channel for all students to freely express themselves), Dear Prefects (an advice column), and Discover (which currently highlights Architecture as a career).

We found it incredibly refreshing to talk to these young leaders who are getting a head start in learning to speak their minds and lead their peers. Their well-crafted Prefects Site is a testimony to their talent and creativity.

Watch the video below to see what these bright sparks have to say about Frog.

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