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Thursday, 17 July 2014

We have our Frog Teacher Award winners!

After an exciting two-months of receiving over 500 nominations we are proud to present the winners of the Frog Teacher Awards! Congratulations to the following teachers! And to everyone who participated, thank you for celebrating your teachers with us! 

Stay tuned for stories of each winning teacher on the Community Site soon!

All teachers will be contacted by FrogAsia and delivery of prizes will be arranged accordingly. By submitting a nomination, all participants and nominees are subject to the Terms and Conditions of the Frog Teacher Awards.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Inspiring 1,300 students and teachers to achieve the impossible through teamwork at Leaps of Knowledge

Over 1,300 students and teachers had the opportunity to hear Julia Immonen share her incredible story of why she rowed across the Atlantic Ocean at JW Marriott Kuala Lumpur last weekend. Her passion to raise global awareness for the issue of modern day slavery and human trafficking through this feat inspired the audience to use what was in their hands and make a difference.

Eager to meet such an inspiring role model in person, teachers and students from all over Kuala Lumpur and Selangor filled the hall to its maximum capacity that afternoon. We also had the Girl Guides Association of Kuala Lumpur join us.

FrogAsia’s Executive Director Lou Yeoh, acknowledges participating NGOs before introducing Julia Immonen

In her welcome note, FrogAsia’s Executive Director Lou Yeoh encouraged the young audience to remember that doing something about the injustice of human trafficking begins with learning to how to treat others with respect and dignity regardless of their background, culture or race. She then excitedly invited Julia to take the stage.

Laying down the shocking facts: “One child earns a trafficker up to $100,000.00 pounds a year!”

Julia explained how she first was made aware of modern day slavery when she watched the film Taken (2008) with a friend. She was compelled to begin her journey of raising awareness for this injustice by using her love for sport coupled with the power of media.

Working as a team was important as she and her crew of five women had no rowing experience prior to preparing for the 45-day journey ahead.

“We were just five ordinary women who were determined to do something that would make a huge impact for this cause,” she said.

Starting their journey from La Gomera in Spain, they battled waves that were as tall as houses, suffered blisters and sores on their hands and also had to deal with essential equipment that broke down along the way.

“Dream it, do it.” - Julia Immonen

“I often thought about the millions of slaves who were transported across the very waters we were rowing on and the horror of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. Knowing I had the
freedom to get off the boat in Barbados when millions today don’t, made my pain pale into
insignificance,” Julia said as she described their difficulties out at sea.

When she felt she couldn’t row anymore, Julia would take 27 more strokes just for the 27 million people in slavery today. She showed the audience a video of how overjoyed she and her crew members were to see their family and friends waiting for them as they reached their destination in Barbados, Cuba.

YTL Foundation’s Director of Projects Datin Kathleen Chew leads the Q&A session with Julia

The second half of the event was a Question and Answer session hosted by Datin Kathleen Chew, YTL Foundation’s Director of Projects.

She asked Julia how students can do their part to stop human trafficking in Malaysia. Julia encouraged students to form a team with equally passionate friends and find out more about what local NGOs like Tenaganita, Suka Society, Good Shepherd and Change Your World are already doing and support their activities.

Students sign up to start a #ForFreedom project of their own

She ended her talk by challenging the crowd to never underestimate the power of teamwork and to use their individual passions whether it’s sport, baking, writing or art - to make a difference, just as she did.

Students present their #ForFreedom project proposal at the workshop with Julia

After the talk, selected students and their teachers from SMK Putrajaya Presint 18(1), SMK Kiaramas, SM Sains Selangor, SMK St John’s, SMK Seri Bintang Utara and SMK Puchong had the privilege of attending a workshop with Julia where they brainstormed for ideas of how they too could raise awareness about human trafficking among their own schools in a creative manner.

Julia inspires over 450 students at Leaps of Knowledge, Penang

FrogAsia also held a Leaps of Knowledge event in Penang where Julia was able to speak to an audience of over 450 students at Wawasan Open University, Penang. Among the audience were also students from St Nicholas Homes who had hearing and sight impairments.

No one is left out as this lady translates Julia’s message of hope and courage into sign language for those with hearing impairments

A curious student asks Julia more about her daring adventure

Julia will be back to speak at our Leaps of Knowledge Conference this November, together with other inspirational speakers in the field of leadership and education technology. Subscribe to our newsletter to find out how you can be a part of it!

Friday, 6 June 2014

We have a #YesToRio Winner!

After 6 weeks of intense competition and taking on all of Bob the Referee's challenges, we've found our football superstar! A huge congratulations to Chuah Bee Peng for being the Grand Prize Winner of our #YesToRio competition! Chuah has been diligently playing every game on a weekly basis since we first launched the competition and will be receiving a well-deserved football as a prize! 

The #YesToRio competition has ended but there will be more competitions in future where you can win great prizes and be a part of the Frog community! We'd also like to thank all our players for being a part of the football fever and we look forward to the World Cup Finals in 6 days! 

Monday, 2 June 2014

Coming soon: Leaps of Knowledge with Julia Immonen

"Rowing this ocean reveals someone I didn't know existed. I am one of a handful of people who see the sky and the ocean from where we are. I count myself blessed beyond measure.” - Julia Immonen

What would you do with your talents if you knew it could make a difference in the world? For Julia Immonen, an athlete and Sky Sports newscaster, the thing she was most passionate about changing was the injustice of modern-day slavery. She decided to use what she was good at - sports - to raise awareness about human trafficking, and embarked on the enormous challenge of rowing across the Atlantic Ocean.

Join us at our next Leaps of Knowledge talk to hear Julia share her incredible story! Find out more and register your interest at:

Monday, 19 May 2014

FrogAsia Celebrates Teacher's Day - Behind the scenes

A few weeks before Teacher's Day, the FrogAsia team had a great time surprising 49 lucky teachers at SK La Salle (1) Sentul and SK Jalan Selangor 1 to celebrate and appreciate them simply for being amazing teachers. 

We had planned the visits with the Head Teachers in each school who played along brilliantly by keeping it a secret from their staff members till the day itself. Many of the teachers were caught by surprise as some of our FrogAsia staff walked into their classrooms in the middle of their lessons with big smiles and colorful balloons! 

While that was happening, the rest of our staff were busy preparing the school hall with an array of delicious cupcakes, sweets and cookies, sponsored by Bachoven, Chupa Chups and Milky Way Food as well as a hearty breakfast spread from McDonalds

One of the best moments during the surprise was when En Mohd Haleq bin Hayon from SK La Salle (1) Sentul said to us, “We [teachers] are normally the ones planning our own Teachers’ Day programme in school. One of the teachers said that in 16 years of being a teacher, no one has surprised me for Teachers’ Day. I was very moved by this surprise.”

Watch the full surprise in this video and take a look at what went on behind the scenes in the photos below!

The FrogAsia team naturally stopping cars with bright colourful balloons when crossing the road to SK La Salle (1) Sentul!

Charles just can't wait to give these beautiful flowers from Far East Flora to the Head Teacher of Sk Jalan Selangor 1

YTL Foundation's Datin Kathleen Chew together with FrogAsia's Executive Director Lou Yeoh and her team, each equipped with a bunch of balloons in hand for the surprise.

The first teacher we surprised. Mr Raj receives a handful of coloured balloons, a Frog goodie bag and an invitation to join us for breakfast at the main hall. 

"Happy Teacher's Day Mr Raj!" says his students while eyeing the balloons.

Crystal and Jade prepare the table of surprises with photobooth props specially made for teachers! 

Chocolate peanut butter cupcakes that were homemade with love by Bachoven and a generous sponsorship of 300 lollipops of different flavours from Chupa Chups

One of the happiest-looking breakfast table arrangements ever!

FrogAsia's Head of Transformation, Elizabeth Lopez, leads the way as the teachers nervously follow her wondering what's in store behind the school hall doors at SK La Salle (1) Sentul. 

A cup of coffee and a delicious warm Egg McMuffin from McDonalds is sure to brighten up anyone's morning!

YTL Foundation had arranged for guest speaker, Daniel Lee the XtraMiler to inspire the students at SK Jalan Selangor 1 with his story earlier that day so he joined in the celebration with the other teachers too. 

Get your free balloons from Jade and Racheal! 

A bright-eyed student happily receives his balloon after patiently waiting in line at SK La Salle (1) Sentul

Students at Sk Jalan Selangor 1 get Frog goodies too!

Happy teachers who know that they matter, makes all the difference in education!

Appreciating teachers doesn't only need to be on Teacher's Day alone. In fact, the celebration has only just begun! We're giving you the chance to any teacher you know by nominating him / her for a Frog Teacher Award! Award winners will be given exclusive cash and device prizes sponsored by DBS bank, RHB bank, Google and iHeal. 

Nominate a teacher at 

Nominations are open till 16 June 2014.

Main prize sponsors

Monday, 21 April 2014

Frog celebrates teachers with the Frog Teacher Awards 2014!

Teachers are simply amazing. Their role goes beyond just teaching. A teacher is also a coach, a counsellor, a friend and so much more! It is teachers who inspire us to learn and discover our fullest potential and with the use of Frog, education has become a whole lot more interesting too!

This Teacher’s Day, FrogAsia wants to celebrate the everyday, unsung heroes whom we call teachers. Join us as we celebrate and recognise some of the most remarkable teachers with the Frog Teacher Awards 2014.

Visit www.frogasia.com/teacherawards for more information.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Win prizes with #YesToRio this World Cup 2014!

Calling all 1BestariNet football fans! Join us in the World Cup fever and score your way to win fantastic Frog prizes every week

The #YesToRio online competition launched by Yes 4G, Malaysia’s largest 4G network, is giving all Malaysians aged 18 years and above, the chance to win a paid trip to watch the World Cup finals live in Rio, Brazil as well as other official World Cup merchandise by playing fun #YesToRio online football games! 

That’s awesome! Who can win? 
The games can be played by people of all ages, however only participants aged 18 years and above are eligible to win a paid trip to the finals and official World Cup merchandise. However, there’s still hope for students! 

FrogAsia is giving all 1BestariNet users, including students under the age of 18, the chance to win fabulous FrogAsia premiums, including the official Adidas Brazuca Football when they participate in this competition that begins TODAY. 

The #YesToRio competition will run from now till 31 May 2014 starting with “The Big Match” game, followed by a game of “G-G-G-Goal!”, which will be released later in the contest period. As a 1BestariNet ID participant, you will receive a 10% bonus to your score for each round you play.

Yay prizes! What are they? 
Top three weekly 1BestariNet scorers: A 1 year subscription to the I Am Learning: Success app 
Top 50 weekly 1BestariNet scorers: Exclusive FrogAsia merchandise. 
Overall Top Scorer for contest period: An original Adidas Brazuca Ball, the official match ball of the 2014 FIFA World Cup! 

Alright! How can I join?
To join the contest all you have to do is: 
1. Activate your 1BestariNet ID 
2. Visit the #YesTo Rio 1BestariNet contest page here 
3. Register as a player with your 1BestariNet ID and contact details and start playing! 

Remember to Hop In at yes.my/bestari to ensure that personal details in your Yes Account are accurate. This is important as the competition will access your personal details from your Yes Account through yes.my/bestari only. That means if we need to contact you about your prizes, we will use the contact details you have provided there. 

For more information about #YesToRio contest for 1BestariNet users, please visit our FAQ page here. All the best!