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Monday, 8 September 2014

Program "1 Murid 1 Chromebook" menjadi berita hangat!

SJK (C) Keng Chee, sebuah sekolah kecil di Pulau Ketam, kini menarik perhatian ramai! Program 1 Murid 1 Chromebook yang dilancarkan pada 14 September 2014 yang lalu dengan sokongan FrogAsia, YTL Foundation dan YTL Communications telah menarik perhatian pelbagai institusi media yang utama! 

Bacalah hasil penulisan media di bawah: 

 Harian Metro
“...Memahami pelajar pada zaman sekarang mungkin sukar tetapi dengan teknologi ia mampu menjadi kenyataan. Misalnya, aplikasi seperti Persekitaran Pembelajaran Maya (Frog VLE) digabung dengan stor aplikasi Google untuk tujuan pendidikan memudahkan pendidik berhubung dengan setiap pelajar dalam kelas mereka.” 

Ketahui lebih... 

Utusan Malaysia 
 “Pelancaran Chrome Lab iaitu makmal digital 2.0 yang pertama di Sekolah Rendah Jenis Kebangsaan (SJK) (Cina) Choong Wen dekat Jalan Klang Lama, Kuala Lumpur sejak setahun lalu kini menampakkan hasil dan manfaat kepada warga sekolah tersebut. Penolong Guru Besar sekolah itu, Lee Man Jiau berkata sebanyak 54 unit Chromebook yang dilengkapi teknologi capaian Internet Yes 4G digunakan guru dan murid untuk berinteraksi mengenai jadual, kerja sekolah, menyemak kedatangan dan sebagainya yang di luar jangkauan bilik darjah… ” 

Ketahui lebih... 

 The Skop 
 “...Tan yang mengajar Bahasa Mandarin dan Matematik adalah antara 95 guru yang berpeluang menyaksikan kebaikan yang dibawakan oleh penggunaan Internet. Semuanya bermula pada bulan April tahun lalu apabila SJK(C) Choong Wen melancarkan makmal Chrome pertama di Malaysia yang dilengkapi dengan 130 buah Chromebook. Setahun kemudian, Internet telah menjadi sebahagian penting dalam perkongsian pengetahuan di sekolah itu.” 

Ketahui lebih... 

Adalah amat menggalakkan bagi kami di FrogAsia apabila melihat usaha SJK (C) Keng Chee mendapat perhatian dan pujian pihak media. Ini adalah satu langkah ke hadapan untuk masa depan teknologi dalam pendidikan dan kami berharap kejayaan ini juga akan mendorong sekolah-sekolah lain untuk lebih giat berusaha bagi mempertingkatkan lagi capaian pendidikan teknologi di kalangan para pelajar mereka! 

Ingin ketahui lebih tentang Program 1 Murid 1 Chromebook? Klik di sini!

Friday, 29 August 2014

Lucky students join exclusive Frog VLE Student Seminar Showcase!

Recently, 300 students had the opportunity to be part of the Frog VLE Student Seminar Showcase in Penang. These students were hand-picked by the Ministry of Education from schools across Malaysia and were given a chance to experience new and exciting ideas in the field of education technology.

Wanted: Student to love

This exclusive four-day seminar began on August 18th at Univeriti Sains Malaysia. The students took part in six workshops that were guided by the FrogAsia team. The students were so enthusiastic about learning, they powered through the workshops from morning until night without tiring at all!

The 300 students with their shiny new Frog bags!

In the workshop ‘Google Apps for Education’, students were introduced to powerful tools such as Google Maps, Google Docs and Google Search. Using these tools, the students teamed up and were tasked to put together a presentation about their favourite holiday destinations. The teams quickly got absorbed working together and enjoyed themselves immensely. A student, Faris, from Sekolah Agama Rawang said, “The Google Apps for education workshop was my favourite workshop because it taught me how to use all the features of Google Apps like Google Slides and Docs. I also had lots of fun working with my group.”

The students were also shown how Frog could boost their studies in the ‘Frog VLE Dashboard Designer’ workshop! The workshop guided students to curate useful learning materials from the Internet and to organize their dashboard.

Then, in the ‘Digital Storytelling’ workshop, the students were challenged to go a step further and make their own videos using WeVideo. They were tasked with creating videos documenting the festive seasons celebrated by Malaysians. This was no easy task as the students had to edit videos using unfamiliar tools - some for the first time. At the end of the workshop, the students were able to use tools supplied by technology to express themselves!

The students enjoyed the group work! 

The students were also showed how the internet can aid in their individual learning. In the ‘Skill Up’ workshop, students were introduced to DIY.org, a cool website that teaches you all sorts of skills - from from taking a pulse to making origami frogs! The students were really quick learners and were soon exploring other things to do on the website. We’re sure many future artists and doctors were truly inspired!

In a workshop called the ‘Hour of Code’, students were given a chance code a simple program. This gave the students a rare taste of what would be a highly-demanded job in the future. The younger students were tasked to code a basic game that guided angry birds at a pig. The older students were given a more difficult challenge. They used a more advanced program called ‘Scratch’ that allowed them to program a whole list of actions and animate an avatar of their choice.

A long day, but the students were still enthusiastic!

The students also had a chance to exercise their skills of imagination in the ‘Classroom of the Future’ workshop. Students were asked to brainstorm and then build the ultimate studying environment for the future! After their heads were filled with possibilities, they got down to modelling it with colourful plasticine, ice cream sticks and other materials! Many of their exciting ideas included wide screens and colourful study hubs filled with Chromebooks!

Most people wouldn't nod off in a class like this

The teachers weren’t left out either. They were shown how they could use Frog VLE to build teaching and learning sites to be used in their schools. They were then given the opportunity to explore Frog VLE and to create a site of their own.

On the third day, the students and teachers presented the fruits of their labour in a mini-conference called the ‘Gallery Walk’. The conference was attended by an extra 300 students from nearby Penang schools. A crowd gathered around the FrogAsia booth, where students had a chance to witness demonstrations of Frog VLE by teachers and students. The teachers took this opportunity to learn more about the Frog VLE from FrogAsia’s friendly staff.

Battling it out in Word Mania

After a big week of learning, a final ‘Frog Champion Session’ was held where students and teachers recapped everything they had learnt in the past few days. They brainstormed for ideas on how to apply all they’ve learnt to improve the possibilities and capabilities of their classrooms and schools! After hearing the vision behind some of the ideas, we're assured that the future of education technology is in safe hands!

Friday, 22 August 2014

Sentul’s New Learning Centre set to Supercharge Learning!

Imagine an air-conditioned space filled with colourful cushions, plush bean bags, huge tables and stacks of books. Wouldn’t you love to study in a place like this? Then check out CLiC (Creative Learning and IT Centre), a community space located inside the Urban Transformation Centre at Sentul Raya! Once an old community library, it has undergone a huge transformation and is now equipped with Chromebooks, widescreen displays, new books and free internet access.

Stacks and stacks of shiny, new books!

A fun, comfortable space for learning!

The students felt like superstars for a day

YB Senator Dato' Dr. Loga Bala Mohan officiated the CLiC in the presence of Secretary General, Ministry of Education Tan Sri Dr. Madinah Mohamad, Chairman of Sentul Raya Sdn Bhd Y.Bhg Dato’ Suleiman Abdul Manan and the Executive Director of the YTL Foundation, Y.Bhg Datin Kathleen Yeoh. Also present was FrogAsia’s Managing Director, Yeoh Pei Lou.

Did we mention there was a huge stacks of books?

The launch kicked off with a troupe of choral speakers from SMK Seri Bintang Utara. It was surprising how far they could throw their powerful voices! Their witty, animated performance won over the audience, and was a fitting launch of such a colourful place.

Not pictured: The enthusiastic chorale conductor

Y.Bhg Dato’ Suleiman Abdul then took the stage and presented the future plans for CLIC. He shared that the various workshops and after school enrichment programmes held throughout the year would greatly benefit the community of Sentul. The programmes will be jointly-run by FrogAsia, Brainbytes, Asian Youth Ambassadors, The Learning Club, Edunation and Leaderonomics.

VIPs, teachers and guests at the CLiC launch!

In Dato Dr. Loga Balan’s speech, he said that the initiatives launched by Sentul Raya Sdn Bhd would transform the promising area of Sentul Raya into a modern township. He then proceeded to officiate the launch and went on a tour of the CLiC’s facilities.

The tour was led by FrogAsia’s Elizabeth Lopez and the FrogAsia team. Guests and  students alike  were ooh-and-aahing over the new facilities, variety of books and cozy interior. Some of them even started trying out the educational games on the Chromebooks. Others took this chance to explore the  educational sites and possibilities of the Frog VLE.

A student showing  Dato' Dr. Loga Balan the potential of learning through games

Teachers weren’t left out! A hands-on demonstration of the Frog VLE was given by FrogAsia instructors, and this helped teachers realise it’s teaching potential.  Teaches who were already using the Frog VLE praised the platform’s ability to engage their students.

FrogAsia’s Damien Tate showing off the capabilities of the Frog VLE!

Throughout the event, adults were commenting about how they wished they had facilities like this when they were younger. Now the students around  Sentul Raya have a fantastic place to learn, study and hang out!

Pick a date and come visit!

Friday, 15 August 2014

“1 Murid, 1 Chromebook” Programme brings Internet-enabled learning to 122 students and teachers in Pulau Ketam

Departing for Pulau Ketam, an island off the coast of Port Klang

SJK(C) Keng Chee, is a Chinese school that’s located in Pulau Ketam, an island where buildings are built on stilts. The only way to the island is by ferry or speedboat. Despite being in a remote place, the school realized that they needed to give their children the best learning opportunities for education. Together, the Board of Directors, the school’s alumni and the Parent and Teacher Association of the school raised money to launch the “1 Murid, 1 Chromebook” Programme which involved purchasing 122 Chromebooks for every student! This effort was supported by YTL Foundation and YTL Communications as they provided a Chrome Cart and the 4G connectivity.

In his opening speech at the official launch, Mr Chia Gek Siang an alumni of the school, mentioned that less than 30% of the Pulau Ketam’s residents had access to computers. Providing access to technology so that students in this school could change the future of this community seemed like the way to go. Parents rallied enthusiastically about the idea as they understood that this would connect their students to world-class resources and improve their learning outcomes. Thanks to efforts of the school’s Headteacher Pn Chuah Soo Cheng, this school has now become the first in Malaysia to initiate and fund such a programme.

The students welcoming the retinue with a 24-Season Drum Performance

The Head of Information and ICT Management Sector from Selangor State Education Department Encik Abdullah Nordin was present to officiate the programme. Also present were CEO of YTL Communications Wing K Lee, YTL Foundation’s Director of Projects Datin Kathleen Chew and Head of Education at Google APAC, Harry Kwa. A group of 30 headmasters from neighbouring Chinese schools in Klang were also invited to witness this auspicious event.

In his speech, Encik Abdullah Nordin expressed his pleasure at the program which allowed students to learn at their own pace. Mr Harry Kwa the Head of Education at Google Asia Pacific also said in his speech that this program gave the students of SJK(C) Keng Chee suitable and powerful tools for learning.

"Fast, secure and lightweight Chromebooks are great for students!" - Harry Kwa, Google Education APAC.

The Chromebooks also feature auto-updates and are virus-free, which means that the school won’t have to spend thousands on software updates and antivirus programs. 

Riding in to present the Chromebooks - Pulau Ketam style!

In support of the programme, YTL Foundation contributed a Chrome Cart to charge and safe-keep the Chromebooks. Other supporting devices and services were also supplied. 

"I'm encouraged to see pioneering schools taking great steps close the digital divide between rural and urban areas." - Wing K Lee.

Smiles everywhere during the launch of the programme!

Students learning with Chromebooks in class

The event ended with a group tour to the classes and Chromelabs where the students were already studying with their new Chromebooks. We wish the students of SJK(C) Keng Chee all the best with their learning journey! 

Thursday, 17 July 2014

We have our Frog Teacher Award winners!

After an exciting two-months of receiving over 500 nominations we are proud to present the winners of the Frog Teacher Awards! Congratulations to the following teachers! And to everyone who participated, thank you for celebrating your teachers with us! 

Stay tuned for stories of each winning teacher on the Community Site soon!

All teachers will be contacted by FrogAsia and delivery of prizes will be arranged accordingly. By submitting a nomination, all participants and nominees are subject to the Terms and Conditions of the Frog Teacher Awards.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Inspiring 1,300 students and teachers to achieve the impossible through teamwork at Leaps of Knowledge

Over 1,300 students and teachers had the opportunity to hear Julia Immonen share her incredible story of why she rowed across the Atlantic Ocean at JW Marriott Kuala Lumpur last weekend. Her passion to raise global awareness for the issue of modern day slavery and human trafficking through this feat inspired the audience to use what was in their hands and make a difference.

Eager to meet such an inspiring role model in person, teachers and students from all over Kuala Lumpur and Selangor filled the hall to its maximum capacity that afternoon. We also had the Girl Guides Association of Kuala Lumpur join us.

FrogAsia’s Executive Director Lou Yeoh, acknowledges participating NGOs before introducing Julia Immonen

In her welcome note, FrogAsia’s Executive Director Lou Yeoh encouraged the young audience to remember that doing something about the injustice of human trafficking begins with learning to how to treat others with respect and dignity regardless of their background, culture or race. She then excitedly invited Julia to take the stage.

Laying down the shocking facts: “One child earns a trafficker up to $100,000.00 pounds a year!”

Julia explained how she first was made aware of modern day slavery when she watched the film Taken (2008) with a friend. She was compelled to begin her journey of raising awareness for this injustice by using her love for sport coupled with the power of media.

Working as a team was important as she and her crew of five women had no rowing experience prior to preparing for the 45-day journey ahead.

“We were just five ordinary women who were determined to do something that would make a huge impact for this cause,” she said.

Starting their journey from La Gomera in Spain, they battled waves that were as tall as houses, suffered blisters and sores on their hands and also had to deal with essential equipment that broke down along the way.

“Dream it, do it.” - Julia Immonen

“I often thought about the millions of slaves who were transported across the very waters we were rowing on and the horror of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. Knowing I had the
freedom to get off the boat in Barbados when millions today don’t, made my pain pale into
insignificance,” Julia said as she described their difficulties out at sea.

When she felt she couldn’t row anymore, Julia would take 27 more strokes just for the 27 million people in slavery today. She showed the audience a video of how overjoyed she and her crew members were to see their family and friends waiting for them as they reached their destination in Barbados, Cuba.

YTL Foundation’s Director of Projects Datin Kathleen Chew leads the Q&A session with Julia

The second half of the event was a Question and Answer session hosted by Datin Kathleen Chew, YTL Foundation’s Director of Projects.

She asked Julia how students can do their part to stop human trafficking in Malaysia. Julia encouraged students to form a team with equally passionate friends and find out more about what local NGOs like Tenaganita, Suka Society, Good Shepherd and Change Your World are already doing and support their activities.

Students sign up to start a #ForFreedom project of their own

She ended her talk by challenging the crowd to never underestimate the power of teamwork and to use their individual passions whether it’s sport, baking, writing or art - to make a difference, just as she did.

Students present their #ForFreedom project proposal at the workshop with Julia

After the talk, selected students and their teachers from SMK Putrajaya Presint 18(1), SMK Kiaramas, SM Sains Selangor, SMK St John’s, SMK Seri Bintang Utara and SMK Puchong had the privilege of attending a workshop with Julia where they brainstormed for ideas of how they too could raise awareness about human trafficking among their own schools in a creative manner.

Julia inspires over 450 students at Leaps of Knowledge, Penang

FrogAsia also held a Leaps of Knowledge event in Penang where Julia was able to speak to an audience of over 450 students at Wawasan Open University, Penang. Among the audience were also students from St Nicholas Homes who had hearing and sight impairments.

No one is left out as this lady translates Julia’s message of hope and courage into sign language for those with hearing impairments

A curious student asks Julia more about her daring adventure

Julia will be back to speak at our Leaps of Knowledge Conference this November, together with other inspirational speakers in the field of leadership and education technology. Subscribe to our newsletter to find out how you can be a part of it!

Friday, 6 June 2014

We have a #YesToRio Winner!

After 6 weeks of intense competition and taking on all of Bob the Referee's challenges, we've found our football superstar! A huge congratulations to Chuah Bee Peng for being the Grand Prize Winner of our #YesToRio competition! Chuah has been diligently playing every game on a weekly basis since we first launched the competition and will be receiving a well-deserved football as a prize! 

The #YesToRio competition has ended but there will be more competitions in future where you can win great prizes and be a part of the Frog community! We'd also like to thank all our players for being a part of the football fever and we look forward to the World Cup Finals in 6 days!