Friday 3 January 2014

Register Your Child for the Word Mania Challenge Today!

LATEST UPDATE: Round 3 of the Word Mania Challenge ended on 23 February 2014 with 11 School Champions and a shortlist of 20 Individual Finalists who will be competing at the Word Mania Grand Finals on 27 March 2014. 

If your child was one of the 70,024 students who registered for Word Mania and thoroughly enjoyed it, you can now get fun and effective learning games like Word Mania and more by purchasing the LiteracyPlanet app for only RM50 a year at the FrogStore! Or you can start by getting your FREE TRIAL of the LiteracyPlanet app at before 30 April 2014!


Malaysia’s biggest word-building competition is here! Register your children for this challenge and stand a chance to win a Samsung 4G Chromebook and other Yes devices too! There’s up to RM1 million worth of prizes to be won!

The Word Mania Challenge is a national word-building competition that celebrates fun with literacy. The theme of this year is ‘To the Moon and Back’ where every game students play contributes to taking the Word Mania rocket on one (or several) return trips to the moon!

The challenge begins with a practice round followed by three competition rounds that lead to the Grand Finals event. Students stand a chance to win a Samsung 4G Chromebook, Yes devices and school prizes that are worth up to RM10,000 including LiteracyPlanet subscriptions for every student in their respective schools!

Who can play? 
The competition is open to all Malaysian primary and secondary school students aged 7 to 17 years with a 1BestariNet ID. There are four individual prize categories: Lower Primary, Upper Primary, Lower Secondary and Upper Secondary so that every student will be able to compete with others at their level. Students can also win prizes for their school! If you’re a teacher, all you need to do is ensure that at least five students from your school have registered to participate in this competition and your school could walk away with prizes worth up to RM10,000!

When does it start?
Registration: 2 Jan – 12 Jan
Round 1: 13 Jan – 26 Jan
Round 2: 27 Jan – 9 Feb
Round 3: 10 Feb – 23 Feb
Grand finalists will be announced between 26 – 27 Feb

Students can activate their 1BestariNet ID here and REGISTER NOW at

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