Friday 15 February 2013

FrogAsia Goes to London!

Last month, FrogAsia together with Frogtrade UK took part in the British Education and Training Technology (BETT) show held at ExCel Stadium, London. The four-day exhibition gathered an international crowd of around 30,000 stakeholders in the education and technology field. It was a whirlwind of excitement as exhibitors and their eye-catching stands from around the globe packed the hall to promote their latest tools and best practices in education technology.

A few names worth mentioning among the many exhibition stands present were Microsoft, Lego Education, Twig, Pearson, Designmate, Intel Education, and Google

The Frog stand's impressive set up gathered familiar Frog VLE stakeholders and was a hit even among new BETT visitors with its trademark blue and brightly-colored merchandise taking prominence over the general scene of the exhibition hall.

New to the Frog family is the games-based app, I Am Learning, that is currently available on the FrogStore. The shared space between I Am Learning and Frog proved to be a powerful duo as BETT visitors and potential stakeholders could see how the capabilities of the Frog VLE, combined with the games-based assessment tools provided by I Am Learning, enhances the teaching and learning experience.

Frogtrade UK's Training and Implementation Consultant, Justin Blytth explains how the VLE is made relevant to the 21st century student through usage of a touchscreen. 

FrogAsia's Head of Transformation, Elizabeth Lopez shares her excitement about the 1BestariNet project. 

FrogAsia also took the opportunity to showcase at BETT the achievements and successes of the 1BestariNet project thus far, together with updates on Frog's progress in Malaysia. We had the opportunity of presenting authentically-Malaysian content within our VLE as well as success stories from our Champion Schools to the many international visitors that stopped by the Frog booth.

FrogAsia's Marketing Manager, Adrian Loh, explains how the 1BestariNet project provides an integrated solution to over 10,000 schools in Malaysia. 

Frogtrade UK's Carl and FrogAsia's Aizat at the BETT show, receiving a "Hello from Malaysia!" greeting from the students in SK Sri Petaling, through the innovative Frog platform. 

Billy Downie, Headteacher of Streetly Academy, presenting Streetly Academy's journey to success, and how they incorporated the use of the Frog VLE in the process. 

The FrogAsia team, proud to be "Changing a Nation". From left: Adrian Loh, Lou Yeoh, Elizabeth Lopez, Aizat Iziyani, and Sarah Lim. 

The BETT show was indeed an exciting experience and an eye-opener as to how the future of education is being shaped with the diverse range of education technology tools that are in the market today. It was particularly inspiring to see what could possibly work for our local schools to bring education in Malaysia to a whole new dimension.

FrogAsia would also like to thank Frogtrade UK for their excellent hospitality throughout BETT. We had a fantastic time working with you guys and we're looking forward to an exciting future for Frog!

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