Wednesday 6 February 2013

CBN goes paperless to streamline admin work on Frog

Going paperless is a sure mark of a school that is harnessing technology efficiently, cutting down cost, time, and effort spent on administrative tasks. The teachers and students at SMK Convent Bukit Nanas have shown their utmost enthusiasm in making the VLE a part of their daily use for administration purposes as well as for teaching and learning (TnL). 

This puts them as one of the current leading schools under the 1BestariNet Champion School Programme as both administration and TnL usage on the Frog VLE are activities at the core of the programme.

According to CBN’s Senior Assistant (Academic & Administration) Puan Chee, SMK CBN faces a tight budget being a mission school, as financial aid is different from that of other schools. She sees the Frog VLE as a simple solution to this. 

In efforts to cut down the cost of paper, all administrative documents are uploaded to the VLE and shared among teachers within the school. Also, instead of printing calendars for teachers this year, their school calendar is now available on the VLE where changes can always be made easily when necessary, and viewed by all teachers, instantly. 

“We often have problems of having too much clerical work to do, such as the printing and sorting out of papers. Therefore going paperless would be ideal for us administrators. Save money, save time, save paper,” she said.

Holiday homework was also given to CBN students via the Frog VLE. This way, students can access their homework easily from their personal computers at home without the school needing to spend extra on printing homework paper. Students would also be able to submit their homework during the holidays by uploading their assignments to the VLE. 

Teaching and Learning tools on the Frog VLE go beyond just quick transfers of assignments between teacher and student. CBN’s Physics teacher, Puan Tan, uploaded all her teaching materials including videos and Powerpoint presentation modules to the Frog VLE. This was so that her students could access them as many times as needed instead of only using these materials once during class, especially if a student misses the lesson.

“Technology is much better than a chalk and talk lesson,” she said. “It is more interactive as it has video and audio coming together, making the lesson more interesting and engaging for students.”

Like many other schools, CBN's journey with Frog had its fair share of getting used to a new method of doing things.  

"When the VLE was first introduced, we often said that we had no time to visit the website or that we had problems accessing it. But after sometime, we got used to it and we now understand how to log into the VLE and use it. We've found that it has become easier for us," said Puan Noor Haida who is an Assistant Exam Secretary at CBN. 

Well done CBN! We're proud of you and excited to see just how much more you can do with Frog!

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