Wednesday 25 February 2015

FrogAsia's Top 5 YouTube Videos in 2014

Over the Chinese New Year break, we jumped back in time to have a look at our Top 5 YouTube videos of 2014. These videos were chosen by the number of views each had. Some of them are also our personal favourites! 

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Collaboration with Google Apps - A student's story 
Astory of a little boy from SK Sayong who discovered he could learn new things from his friends using Google Hangouts! 

Learning with Frog is fun at SM Sains Teluk Intan 
We traveled to SM Sains Teluk Intan to see how Ikmal and his friends get their homework done in the fastest and coolest way possible - collaborating anytime, anywhere! 

Word Mania: Motivating students to learn English with games 
Last year we had 70,000 students take part in Malaysia's biggest word-building online competition: The Word Mania Challenge 2014! It was an epic battle between students and schools from all across Peninsular and East Malaysia and we got it all on camera! 

Frog Connected Classrooms: Discover Careers Series - Computer Scientist 
Ever wondered what your ICT and Science lessons could possibly do for your future? Or what any of your school subjects are useful for? Catch some of the most passionate professionals we know, as they share stories about their cool jobs with schools from all over Malaysia on our Frog Connected Classroom series! 

Leaps of Knowledge with Julia Immonen, June 2014 
From being a handbag and makeup kind of girl, to rowing across an entire ocean for someone else's freedom, Julia Immonen's story has inspired over 1,300 Malaysian students and teachers to also take a stand against social injustice. Get a 4-minute peek of her talk held at Leaps of Knowledge in June 2014! 

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