Wednesday 17 December 2014

Learning the Art of Great Storytelling!

Over the last week, the FrogAsia team attended a fun workshop on how to tell better stories. Having good storytelling skills are useful, especially since there are always amazing things happening in Malaysian schools that are worth being told! The workshop was led by FrogAsia’s Marketing Communications team.

FrogAsia's Crystal talking about the facts that make up a story

In two fun-filled afternoons, the workshop covered the basics of crafting a story and how emotions are a part of great storytelling. We learnt how the foundations of every great story is built from facts that tell the “What, Where,When, How and Why” of a story. However, facts alone are not enough for a complete story. Emotions also play an important part in what makes a good story.

The FrogAsia team never stops learning

Everyone then had a chance to work in teams and tell a good story based on their personal experiences from working at FrogAsia. The story needed to be built from important facts and driven by the emotions they felt when they experienced these events. Many groups told captivating stories about the amazing teachers they’ve met on their trips to schools all across Malaysia!

FrogAsia's Victor Lau showing us how to bring our stories to life

Everyone in the team was inspired by the real-life stories being told and left that workshop as a great storyteller.

Crafting stories of our own!

We’re looking forward to hearing YOUR school stories as well! If you have a great story to tell about your school or teacher, write to us at and we might just pay you a visit ourselves!

To get a copy of our Storytelling workshop slides, visit the FrogStore and download the file from the FrogStore's 'Documents' section.

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