Thursday 11 April 2013

SK Putrajaya Presint 8(1)'s Headteacher in full support of Frog!

Buzz about the Frog VLE is quickly growing as many teachers and students across the nation are beginning to get the hang of it and are discovering the value it adds to their education experience.

At SK Putrajaya Presint 8(1), the rate of teachers and students logging into Frog is drastically increasing. When we went to the school to find out more about how they are using Frog, we found that Mathematics, Bahasa Malaysia, Science and Kemahiran Hidup teachers are already conducting classes using the Frog VLE at least once a week! Their students have found these lessons really exciting and are now familiar with using Frog for classroom learning and for doing homework. 

Standard 3 students using Frog in their Math class

The Headteacher of SK Putrajaya Presint 8(1), Puan Rohayati binti Mansor is a huge supporter of Frog, and  together with her leadership team, they have great plans to fully integrate Frog into their school experience.

Watch this video to hear why she thinks education technology such as the Frog VLE really helps teachers in school for administration, teaching and learning, and communication. 

We love your enthusiasm, Puan Rohayati! Your school is indeed a Frog Champion School and we can't wait to see what amazing things the teachers in this school will do with Frog. Keep up the great work! 

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