Wednesday 10 April 2013

Frog Champions move into the Empower Phase!

The Frog Transformation Programme is designed to guide teachers and students along their Frog journey in a simple, fun, and engaging manner. It runs over a 40-week period where FrogAsia's Tranformation Team trains and guides Frog Champion Schools in fully implementing the Frog VLE into their education experience through each step of the Transformation Checklist. 

This April, Frog Champion Schools will be entering the second phase of the Transformation Programme, known as the Empower Phase, where teachers will start using the Frog VLE to create Teaching and Learning Sites, and where Frog Champion students will train their fellow schoolmates on how to use Frog! 

Check out a sneak peek of the guides below. Aren't they pretty?

The best part? The Transformation Programme is for everyone! You can hop on board and use these guides to take Frog to greater heights in your school too! These simple and easy-to-use teacher and student guides are available on The Pond and the Community Site for any school to use. 

Go to the Frog Community Site to find out more by logging  into the Frog VLE with your Yes ID to get started! 

Empower Guide for Teachers

Empower Guide for Students

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