Tuesday 11 March 2014

21st Century Digital Classrooms: Best Infographics from around the Web

What exactly do 21st century classrooms look like and how are they changing the face of education? We explored the web to find some of the best infographics out there that help to explain what classrooms might look like in the near future.

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Components of a 21st century classroom by Open Colleges

This infographic looks at the perspectives of teachers and students towards using technology in the classroom.

Connected Learning: Equitable, social and participatory by Dachis Group

This infographic lays out a model of connecting learning that draws on the power of today's technology to connect young people's interests, communities and culture to academic achievement.

Technology Enhances Learning by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

This visual highlights teachers' perspectives on the effectiveness of traditional versus digital classroom resources.

In five years, the classroom will learn you by IBM

This very interesting infographic predicts what classrooms of the future will be like in five years - personalised and tailored to each student’s needs, thanks to sophisticated analytics.

Disclaimer: These infographics are produced independently by the authors credited above. FrogAsia does not claim ownership of the above infographics or accuracy of the information provided in them. 

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