Thursday, 30 May 2013

SMK Puchong uses Frog to Reduce Administration and Increase Student Engagement

One of the efforts to transform our education system as stated in Malaysia's Education Blueprint (2013-2025) is to "Focus teachers on their core function of teaching from 2013 by reducing administration burdens". Teachers are often bogged down by administrative tasks, which makes it challenging for them to fully concentrate on teaching itself. 

In overcoming this, Mr Phang from SMK Puchong is already one step ahead! With help from widgets like the Booking Calendar on the Frog VLE, the hassle of administrative tasks is minimised, so that teachers like Mr. Phang can spend more time with his students instead! 

The Booking Calendar and Forums icons on the Frog VLE

In addition to that, teachers are able to easily connect with their students by using the Forums widget. This helps in increasing more communication between teachers and students so that the necessary attention may be given to individual students! Watch this video to hear his story. 

If you're a teacher with a great Frog Story to tell, we'd love to share it with everyone too! Just login to your Frog VLE and share your story with us on the Frog Community Site!

Screenshot of the Frog Community Site homepage. Click on "Tell Your Story" to contact us!

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Maths Teacher uses Frog for Year 3 Students

The number of teachers using Frog in their classroom lessons as well as to assign homework is on the increase. We love discovering just how each teacher uses Frog to suit the unique educational needs of their students, whether their students are in primary or secondary, and wherever their school is located. 

Meet Mr Haniff, a Maths teacher from SK Putrajaya Presint 8(1), WP Putrajaya. In this video he talks about why he finds the Frog VLE useful for sparking interest among his Year 3 students when it comes to homework. Watch this video to hear how he carries out his lessons on Frog and how he ensures that his young students keep track of their Yes IDs. 

If you're a teacher with students of the same age range and you're wondering how the Frog VLE can enhance teaching and learning, you can try out these methods with your students using Frog too. 

If you're a teacher with a great Frog Story to tell, we'd love to share it with everyone too! Just login to your Frog VLE and share your story with us on the Frog Community Site!

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

An Interview with Michael Wilkinson and Steve Holt of I am learning: Success

Meet the Directors of I am learning: Success - a game-based educational app that's now available on the FrogStore. As former students themselves and with  backgrounds in technology and education, it is only natural that both Michael Wilkinson (MA in “ICT in Education”) and Steve Holt (Med in “eLearning”) are one of the leading figures in inculcating a new learning culture. I am learning: Success moves this generation away from the realms of traditional education to give today’s education a new direction through gamification. 

We recently had a quick chat with them to hear how computer games – something we commonly rule as distracting and mind-numbing, can now be used as something engaging and enriching for learners.

Left to right: Steve Holt and Michael Wilkinson, Directors of I Am Learning: Success

Can you tell us a little about your backgrounds and how “I am learning” came about?
Steve: Mike and I worked together at a technology centre for the local authority, looking at how to use technology to improve the quality of teaching and learning across primary and secondary curriculums.

Mike: We regularly discussed the growing culture of gaming as a motivational tool that is able to engage learners at both ends of the academic spectrum across many subjects and ages. From this, the idea of game-based quizzes has led to what is now I am learning.

What are your thoughts about the opportunities and challenges facing education today?
The pressure on students to succeed, starts at a very early age. The curriculum and methods of teaching needs to reflect what students will require to become global citizens, giving them the skills and confidence to survive in a competitive employment market. 

What are your thoughts as regarding FrogAsia and the 1BestariNet programme?
FrogAsia is working flat out to develop a project that the whole world will be looking at. We are delighted to be involved in the 1BestariNet project and to play a small part in shaping an entire generation using the latest technology, and to assess and report on the progress being made by those students. There is a willingness to change and a determination to work hard that would perhaps not be seen in other parts of the world.

I am learning is a game-based revision and assessment system which engages learners, making them want to learn both in and outside of school. Image via
What would you tell Malaysian parents about I Am Learning: Success?
Firstly…I am learning is used in over 1,000 UK schools and is proven to raise results.

The use of games compels students to use the system. The key is that we build on a student's desire to play and compete with comprehensive curriculum in English and Maths-based materials to assess a student’s knowledge and to clearly identify the specific areas that are in need of improvement. How can a student improve if they don't know what they don’t know?

What about the teachers?
Students tend to spend more time on these lessons due to the games that keep them going. From this, we are able to gather far more data than a traditional snap shot “test”, providing a richer picture of the students’ strengths and weaknesses.

And the students themselves?
I am learning is a reward-based system designed to make the duller aspects of education fun. We combine up-to-date curriculum-linked questions with games, competition and rewards to make learning as interesting as possible, and a simple reporting system to show you exactly what you need to improve on.

Where do you see I am learning in 12 to 24 months?
We are seeing more use (of I am Learning) than ever this year. We see more games, especially multiplayer games, and in-depth gaming that remembers how far you gone and builds on that the next time you log in. This takes our existing “mini-games” to a whole new level aimed at the older students particularly. 

We have plans for additional question types and we continue to listen to teachers and senior leaders to evolve our content builder tools. 

What role does gamification play in learning and why should we be embracing it?
Gamification is a way to engage learners of all ages and really probe the users’ understanding and abilities to use that information in a medium that they feel comfortable and even excited with.

People of all ages working collaboratively to solve challenges in a virtual world is something that we all clearly enjoy - in fact, we enjoy it so much that:
  • last year we collectively played some 3 billion hours of games every week.
  • there are more than ½ billion people worldwide playing computer and video games for at least ½ hour per day.

I am learning: Success is now available on the FrogStore at a special rate of RM49 a year for 1BestariNet users.  Visit to know more about this great game-based learning app and get it for your kids today! 

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Yes 4G launches World’s First Samsung 4G Chromebook in Malaysia

What if you were given unlimited access to learning anytime, anywhere, right at your fingertips? Yes, together with Samsung and Google, just made that possible with the launch of the world's first Samsung 4G Chromebook in Malaysia that was held at The Majestic Hotel, KL, today. 

The Samsung 4G Chromebook comes with a built-in 4G chipset so with a just a single Yes ID, users are provided with high-speed mobile Internet connectivity of up to 20Mbps on the Yes 4G network anytime, anywhere! It's a great educational tool as it is lightweight, it boots in seconds and comes with popular Google apps like YouTube, Gmail and Drive, so users can work and play anytime, anywhere on the Yes 4G network coverage across Malaysia.

Not only that, 1BestariNet users can access the Frog VLE for free on this new computing tool. That means every student, parent, and teacher now has free access to a wealth of interactive and fun education resources found on the Frog VLE under the 1BestariNet project! How amazing is that? 

 YTL Group Managing Director, Tan Sri Dato' (Dr) Francis Yeoh, enthusiastically speaks about how the Yes network makes Cloud Computing possible anywhere in Malaysia.

YTL Communications Chief Executive Officer, Wing K. Lee explains how the Samsung 4G Chromebook connects schools all across Malaysia through the Frog VLE learning platform under the 1BestariNet project. 

"Today we're happy to say we're one step closer to making Chromebooks truly ‘for everyone’ - or rather, ‘untuk semua orang’.” - Caesar Sengupta, Product Management Director at Google.

Lee officially presents the Samsung 4G Chromebook - a new computing device that's a mere 17.5 mm thin and weighs just 1.1 kilograms, with a 7-hour battery life.

“The Samsung 4G Chromebook will be a first device for many people. It is affordable, secure and always connected to the Internet. No one will be left out of the Internet age,” - Wing K. Lee, YTL Communications Chief Executive Officer.

All smiles and thumbs up from the VIPs as they proudly present the world's first Samsung 4G Chromebook in Malaysia!

Guests having a hands-on experience with the Frog VLE on the Samsung 4G Chromebooks at the "Learn" interactive booth that was set up at the launch. 

FrogAsia's Chief Operating Officer, Kate Heal enjoying a friendly conversation over her cup of coffee after the launch.  

The FrogAsia team - all excited to be a part of bringing education to everyone, anytime, anywhere!

YTL Comms' Melissa Yam and Roslita Aida, and FrogAsia's Crystal Cha

FrogAsia's Executive Director, Lou Yeoh and Google's Senior Product Manager, Vince Wu

FrogAsia's Helen Rudd, Damian Tate, Elizabeth Lopez, Lou Yeoh and Asrar Makrani grab a quick photo with Mr Nanis Karuna - the enthusiastic teacher from Penang who won a three-month trial with the Samsung 4G Chromebook from FrogAsia. 

Yes is all about driving positive change to Malaysia and with the Frog VLE on the Samsung 4G Chromebook, parents, students, and teachers are able to access learning anytime, anywhere for free under the 1BestariNet project! 

For more information on the Samsung 4G Chromebook and special rates for 1BestariNet users, visit the Samsung 4G Chromebook at Yes Stores or online by visiting 

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Get into the FUNTASTIC WORLD of Chupa Chups!

The Chupa Chups Funtastic World Colouring Contest is now open to Primary (age 7 – 12) and Secondary (age 13 – 17) school students! Stand a chance to win these prizes for yourself when you join the contest on The Pond: 

  • 1st Prize x 1: Samsung Tab 2 (10.1) & Chupa Chups Hamper
  • 2nd Prize x 1: Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini & Chupa Chups Hamper
  • 3rd Prize x 1: Sony Camera W730 & Chupa Chups Hamper
  • Consolation Prize x 17: iPod Shuffle & Chupa Chups Hamper
Students can also win prizes for their school by inviting their friends to join this contest as well! The more entries received by a particular school, the higher chances that school has to win. 

Login to your Frog VLE and download the Contest Form on The Pond today!

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Exciting School Visits with Creative Students

What is FrogAsia all about? And why should you care? While we could point you to our website, we’d rather tell you in our own words so you can get to know us just a little more. 

We asked FrogAsia's Student Engagement Consultant, Shalini Maheswaran, about her most exciting school visit so far. Here's what she has to say: 

Shalini, Alumni of  SMK Convent Sentul, KL

“My most exciting school visit is the training session I had  with the students in Jasin, Melaka

The students were friendly, respectful and they were bursting with creative ideas. Another favorite school visit was to a school in Kuantan, the students stunned me with their amazing class sites and Frog Gang!"