Wednesday 29 May 2013

Maths Teacher uses Frog for Year 3 Students

The number of teachers using Frog in their classroom lessons as well as to assign homework is on the increase. We love discovering just how each teacher uses Frog to suit the unique educational needs of their students, whether their students are in primary or secondary, and wherever their school is located. 

Meet Mr Haniff, a Maths teacher from SK Putrajaya Presint 8(1), WP Putrajaya. In this video he talks about why he finds the Frog VLE useful for sparking interest among his Year 3 students when it comes to homework. Watch this video to hear how he carries out his lessons on Frog and how he ensures that his young students keep track of their Yes IDs. 

If you're a teacher with students of the same age range and you're wondering how the Frog VLE can enhance teaching and learning, you can try out these methods with your students using Frog too. 

If you're a teacher with a great Frog Story to tell, we'd love to share it with everyone too! Just login to your Frog VLE and share your story with us on the Frog Community Site!

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