Monday 1 April 2013

SMPK Setapak Uses Frog for the Visually Impaired: Part 2 of 2

In our recent post, we introduced SMPK Setapak, a school for the visually impaired. As we found out, in 2012, two teachers who had attended a Frog Admin training held by the Ministry of Education (Bahagian Teknologi Pendidikan) took the initiative to implement Frog in their school without any additional guidance.

When we heard the news, we headed over for a visit to find out how a school like theirs used Frog and what motivated them to do so. Watch this second video to find out how the school's Frog Admin, Ms Tang Lai Shin, explores the use of the Frog VLE for her students.

The teachers at SMPK Setapak have found ways to incorporate Frog into their teaching and learning experience despite the many challenges that come with teaching students who have special needs. 

Their story is an inspiring example of how anything is possible if you want to make it happen.

We commend SMPK Setapak for their positive attitude not just towards implementing a new way of teaching and learning in their school, but for taking up the challenge to ensure that no matter what level of ability, their students get the best from what education technology can offer.

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