Wednesday 20 March 2013

Team Thoughts: FrogAsia Conquers Mountains

What is FrogAsia all about? And why should you care? While we could point you to our website, we’d rather tell you in our own words so you can get to know us just a little more. 

We asked FrogAsia's Product Development and Software Release Manager, Askhar Ali,  about his thoughts on the progress of company so far.  Here's what he has to say:  

Askhar, Alumni of Nab Wood Grammar School, UK.

“When we first started FrogAsia we had a mammoth of a task to do and a mountain to climb.

Since then, people have jumped on board and every single department has just simply adapted and learnt to climb this mountain of tasks required to ensure that we give the very best to the children of tomorrow - not just with the Frog VLE but with everything from support to training, and even to our very own Frog song!”

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