Monday 18 March 2013

Hoppin' Tunes: "The Making Of" with Rebecca Fernandez

Have you seen the first Hoppin' Tunes video that was produced by our awesome FrogAsia interns, called "Never Going Back to Textbooks"? It's brilliant! Get to know the creative geniuses behind this catchy production and find out how they managed to pull off this project as a team. 

Meet Rebecca Fernandez, an intern with great leadership qualities and lots of personality. 

How did you choose the song for this video? 
The song had a really catchy tune and everybody just loved hearing it. It was also easy to change the lyrics of this particular song. 

Explain the lyrics and why they were chosen for the song? 
We were told that we had to talk about the features on the Frog VLE. So we just started brainstorming. We also included lyrics that talked about what students typically go through on a daily basis such as trying to fit in too many books into their school bags, but now with the Frog VLE, we never have to struggle again.

What was the process in making this video? 
It was a really fun and interesting process! We sat down together and started thinking about how we could make it fun. We tackled one verse at a time, and after each verse was done we would film it, so that we wouldn't lose the idea. Then it came to the video editing part which Jason did. I recorded the song for the video. Rachel and Chrislynn were in most parts of the video so they're the 'stars' of the video. 

Is there anything you discovered about yourself during the process of making this video with your team? 
I realized that I could do so many things, like how I never knew how to use a recording programme to record a song before this, but when the time came I could do it. Unspoken gifts you can say. I think every member of our team realized the we had a hidden talent, and we got to use it. Also our group dynamics were so good, we got along really well. Teamwork is the key! 

If you had the chance again, would you enjoy working on a fun project that requires creative thinking like this one?
Of course! This project was so fun! I learned so much and was able to exercise the creative side of my brain. I just loved every bit of this project. 

To know more about what Rebecca was talking about, watch their video below! 

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