Thursday 21 March 2013

EduNation Providing Free Education Resources through the FrogStore

The two masterminds behind EduNation, Edmond and Sugain, visited us at our FrogAsia office recently. Watch this video to find out what they had to say about EduNation, its history and their motivations behind providing free education material to students and teachers nationwide.


FrogAsia: Tell us a little bit about EduNation. 
EduNation: We are basically putting the entire Malaysian syllabus online and that includes videos, exercises, free tuition and a free social platform powered by the Malaysian community.

What motivated you to start EduNation?
Back when I was tutoring in orphanages, there was a boy named John who was going to sit for PMR and he was having trouble with fractions. You know… 0.7, 0.8, he just doesn’t get it. I asked him form 3 level questions, and he couldn’t answer them. When I asked form 1 questions, he couldn’t answer them either. So I was wondering, “What does John actually know?” So I asked him, “John, what is half plus half?” He looked at me and said, “¼”.

We see so many of these things happening in schools. The reason behind it is that people are too poor to afford tuition, too poor to afford help, and teachers can’t possibly help everyone in a huge class of 40 students. We’re doing this because we can help teachers and students. And we’re giving it for free because a lot of kids can’t afford the education that they need.

Watch the video for the full interview! 

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