Monday 12 November 2012

FrogAsia heads to Kedah!

Frog is on the move! Starting with our Pilot Schools, Frog is set to hit 10,000 schools in 2013. (That’s a lot of schools and a lot of travelling!) Join us as we share pictures from the road and discover what it is life is like in schools around the nation.

Our Student Engagement Team hopped on a plane to Kedah to share the goodness of our Frog VLE with the teachers and students of SM Sains Sultan Mohamad Jiwa, SK Bedong, SK Kuala Ketil, and SK Merbau Pulas. Much happened in those three days, but we'll let the pictures speak for themselves! :)
Safarizan, all smiles upon touch down! 

New Frog badges to add to the uniform perhaps?  

Students of SM Sains Sultan Mohamad Jiwa having a GOOD time learning how to use the Frog VLE.

Phoebe and the prefects from SK Merbau Pulas.  

There's no age limit when it comes to learning new technology!

Teachers from SK Merbau Pulas... Froggified! =) 

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