Tuesday 6 November 2012

Chromebooks help speed up registration of new students in Assunta

SMK Assunta put their Google Chromebooks to good use when they integrated it into their procedures for registering new students who were entering Form 1 in 2013.

Previously, registration of new students used to be a painstaking task, as it required manually typing out each student’s details one by one on a computer. Teachers would normally get prefects to help in this task.

This year, the school’s Frog Adminstrator, Ms. Boey, obtained the database of all the new students that were being transferred into Assunta from the Ministry of Education’s Pangkalan Data Murid website, and she imported the details into spreadsheets on Google Drive.

This meant the spreadsheets could be edited and added to by multiple users at the same time. She then created a Site in Frog that linked to the different spreadsheets, categorised by which primary school the students were from, so it would be easy for the ICT prefects to navigate to the spreadsheets. 

Since the data was already contained in the spreadsheet, the ICT prefects were saved the time and effort of retyping all of the students’ data - their role was mainly to check that the existing details were correct, and to add in the students’ IC numbers. 

Kashmeera Pillai, an ICT prefect in Form 2 who helped out in last year and this year’s registration, said:

“It’s easier for us this year to move around and compile the information as the registration is going on, as we can carry the Chromebooks around. Last year we were hooked up to computers so we were stuck in one small room, keying in the information"

"Also, last year we were all sharing one modem, and this year, we are using the Yes network - so the connection speed is much faster.”

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