Wednesday 31 October 2012

A Hopping Fun Day at SMK BU4!

Frog is on the move! Starting with our Pilot Schools, Frog is set to hit 10,000 schools in 2013. (That’s a lot of schools and a lot of travelling!) Join us as we share pictures from the road and discover what it is life is like in schools around the nation.

The Frog team was on the road again, and this time, we visited SMK BU4 for the Frog Awareness Program. The school received us with enthusiasm, and we had a great morning with the Form 3 students.

The enthusiastic students went for all the games with gusto. In all the fun, there were lessons to be learned from the games and activities as well, which the Student Engagement Team shared with the students, to show that learning can be fun, just like using the Frog VLE.

Want to guess what dance these two did?

Written by Lionel Ngion

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