Monday 5 November 2012

Greater heights for FrogAsia!

The future of Education in Malaysia is looking brilliant indeed, thanks to new developments in technology. FrogAsia had the opportunity to showcase just how this would pan out using the Frog VLE at the Simposium Pendidikan Bestari 2012 conference this week. 

The Live Frog Classroom and the Live Integrated Classroom was set up for students from SMK Assunta and SK Sri Petaling to demonstrate a new dimension of learning using the Frog VLE, the online learning platform provided to all government schools in Malaysia under the 1BestariNet project.

Datin Kathleen Chew explains how the Frog VLE will enhance the learning experience for Malaysian schools. 

Conference delegates observed as simple tests, recording findings, discussion, and a virtual experiment were accomplished using the Frog VLE and other integrated solutions from Elmo, Microsoft, UniCLIQ, and MDeC.

A happy student from SMK Assunta using her Google Chromebook.

The 350 delegates present were from various divisions in the Ministry of Education, the Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia (KPM), Jabatan Pelajaran Negara (JPN), various educational bodies and schools, and of course, YTL Education. 

Sharing booth space with FrogAsia was the Director of I-education, Michael Wilkerson who expressed his excitement for the collaboration between the Frog VLE and their games-based revision and assessment system, I Am Learning, in the UK.

Students try out the I Am Learning system on the Frog VLE at our FrogAsia booth.

“With our system integrated directly inside the Frog platform it creates create a wider educational system which will give teachers the tools to teach effectively and students to enjoy learning,” Michael said.

“... The idea is that regardless of device used, learning needs to be made accessible wherever students are... and that’s where YES comes in!”

A group picture with the FrogAsia team and SMK Assunta students and teachers who participated in the live classroom demo. Big thanks to everyone who made this possible!

Photos and text by Sarah Lim

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