Thursday 5 April 2012

Frog on the Go: Assunta Meets Frog

Frog is on the move! Starting with our Pilot Schools, Frog is set to hit 10,000 schools in 2013. (That's a lot of schools, and a lot of travelling!) Join us as we share pictures from the road and discover what life is like in schools around the nation. 

Meet one of our very first Champion Schools under the 1BestariNet project - SMK Assunta!

Assunta was so excited about having Frog in their school that they even appointed VLE Prefects to take on the challenge of getting the whole school to use Frog.

The excitement on the girls’ faces says it all… Together with Assunta’s Frog Champions, we started planning for the school’s Frog Buzz Week, a week of activities to raise awareness about Frog among teachers and students.

The planning session was spearheaded by the amazing Archanaa and Florence.

We wouldn’t leave without a team photo with the Assuntarians, would we? Above is our more ’normal’ shot.

And being girls, of course we had to take a slightly more ‘poser’ shot! (Notice how our guy intern, Kelvin, disappeared from this picture.) Keep up the great work, Assuntarians!

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