Wednesday 8 July 2015

The University of Oxford is Coming to Town!

Hey everyone! Have you ever dreamt or wondered how it’s like to live and study at Oxford? To walk through the halls at the place where they filmed the Harry Potter movies?

In partnership with St. Anne’s College, University of Oxford, we will be organising the Leaps of Knowledge Conference with St Anne’s College, University of Oxford on the 25 July 2015 (Saturday). This Leaps of Knowledge event aims to inspire and encourage students to aspire towards studying in top universities like Oxford.

Attending participants will be able to:

1. Have the chance to listen to the professors as they speak about the subjects that they lecture on in the University of Oxford.

2. Experience the University of Oxford’s Mock Entrance Interviews, and learn about the finer details of the application process.

3. Get to know students from the University of Oxford, as they will be speaking about their experiences studying in the UK, and life abroad in general.

Students wondering what living abroad feels like will get to satisfy their curiosity during the panel forum by Malaysian students currently studying at the University of Oxford (Oxford University Malaysia Club).

Those who want to know more about the subjects they will have to study at university will benefit from the  Subject Talks by University of Oxford professors.

For the students and parents who are interested in the application process for universities in the UK, this conference will shed some light into the application processes required to apply to the University of Oxford and other universities.

Don’t shy away from this opportunity to learn and explore the possibilities of studying at Oxford! More information about the conference and its subject talks can be found on the event website or our Facebook event page.

Tell us if you’re coming on Facebook event page and get the tickets from our website!

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