Sunday 7 June 2015

World Book Month Competitions

For our World Book Month celebrations, we had a series of workshops with some very talented authors and storytellers!

The workshops had students exploring the worlds of Creative Storywriting and Spoken Word performances, and we were so curious to see all the Scrapbook Sites that you built. Here are the winners:

Creative Storywriting

Our winner, SK Haji Ismail, used Google Draw to illustrate their picture books! Their story was concise and creative; featuring a superhero conquering an evil coconut tree. We also noted that their Scrapbook Site was colourful and comprehensive and documented the students’ journey in experiencing the workshop from beginning to end very well. Congratulations, SK Haji Ismail team!

SK Putrajaya Presint 9(1) receives a Special Mention for their creative story arrangement and engaging use of first-person dialogue. Their Scrapbook Site featured students’ reflection and thoughts during the workshop as well as a behind the scenes look at students creating their picture book. Well done, SK Putrajaya Presint 9(1) team!

Spoken Word

Our winner, SMK Ampang Pecah, wrote and performed a piece on love at first sight. They demonstrated great teamwork and creative use of gestures and enunciation. Their Scrapbook Site was comprehensive, and students added links to their Site on articles written about real-life love at first sight experiences. Well done, SMK Ampang Pecah team!

SMK Majakir Papar receives a Special Mention for their beautiful and evocative piece on expectations faced by high school students. Their Scrapbook Site had the personal touch of each participating student, and it provided a description of spoken word along with examples of great spoken word pieces. Congratulations, SMK Majakir Papar team!

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We are grateful to our wonderful facilitators Quek Sue Yian, and Sheena Baharudin; and to Pelangi Books, Magicbird Publishing and Evergreen Publishing for their involvement and support for our fantastic World Book Month this past April. Indeed, we are happy to continue to celebrate the power of storytelling and hope to inspire a love of books in children all around Malaysia.

What are you reading with your child or student today?

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