Thursday 13 March 2014

Thanks to FrogAsia and Word Mania, I love spelling now, and I am improving

We've been receiving amazing stories from students and teachers about their Word Mania Challenge experience that we just have to share! Here are a few: 

"I always hated spelling... But when my teacher knew my problem about my spelling, she recommended Word Mania to me... I found out that Word Mania is a game to make students like spelling and to let students know how important it is to know English well. Now I can score full marks in my weekly spelling. Thanks to FrogAsia and Word Mania, I love spelling now, and I am improving."

- Chelsea, SJK(C) Chung Shan

"Word Mania makes me more confident in my English. My family is proud of me. Even my little sister enjoys Word Mania. Now I can play Word Mania everyday. My mum installed the Word Mania game in my iPad. I promised myself I will get a better mark in my English exam. Thank you Word Mania."

- Ayna, SK(1) Selayang Baru

"Word Mania is a good game for students like me to play. This game helped to improve my speaking and taught me to use good and excellent words in my essay. My parents supported me in this game and my teachers gave me a moral support to make my school proud. This game made my family happy whenever we helped each other create the best words. I love and like this game because it makes me happy and it is fun."

- Mohamad Aiman Aliff, SMK Pondok Upeh

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