Friday 1 November 2013

'Learning in the Cloud' Project Launches at SJK(C) Sentul

Imagine if every student and teacher had access to knowledge anytime, anywhere - especially beyond the classroom. Today, imagination has become reality and the classroom can now be accessed from virtually anywhere in the world. In acknowledgment of this new avenue, SJK(C) Sentul in partnership with YTL Communications, FrogAsia and CSS Management, launched the ‘Learning in The Cloud’ project at the HGH Convention Centre today.

Opening Performance by 24 Solar Drums

The guests of honour present were Deputy Education Minister, YB Datuk Mary Yap Kain Ching, Executive Director of YTL Communications, Dato’ Yeoh Soo Keng, Chairman of the Board of Governors of SJK(C) Sentul, Mr. Eddie Heng Hong Chai and Chief Executive Officer of CSS Management, Mr. Thomas Chee Kong Yong. 

After a thrilling opening performance by the 24 Solar Drums, YTL Communications Executive Director, YB Dato’ Yeoh Soo Keng took to the stage to highlight the many possibilities available through learning online, one being the ability to virtually connect a population of up to 10 million people consisting of teachers, parents as well as students, simultaneously.

“Learning will no longer be limited to the four walls of the classroom. Students can access their homework anywhere and anytime - even if there is no school due to haze” said YB Dato’ Yeoh Soo Keng. 

In his speech, the Chairman of Board of Governors of SJK(C) Sentul, Mr. Eddie Heng Hong Chai, addressed the ‘A’ syndrome and how the Frog VLE will help children develop their creativity in a fun and easy way as education with technology proves to be more meaningful to students. 

“The VLE is an effective means to stop the ‘A’ syndrome that is crippling many Malaysian students as they put more emphasis on scoring high academic grades at the expense of developing their soft skills.” said Mr. Chai.

Deputy Education Minister I, Datuk Mary Yap addressing the importance of teachers’ and parents’ involvement in supporting children to unleash their full potential

Deputy Education Minister I, Datuk Mary Yap also expressed her excitement about the project being able to give every student the ability to use the Frog VLE to learn all their core subject lessons through Chinese Smart School courseware developed by CSS Holdings. 

“This is possible as each student now has access to a Samsung 4G Chromebook,” said Datuk Mary Yap.

Deputy Education Minister I, Datuk Mary Yap officiates the launch of the Learning in the Cloud project.

The event ended with a ribbon-cutting ceremony and a live display of how ‘Learning in the Cloud’ is like at mobile lab. Students from class 4M showcased the benefits of cloud-based learning at five booths in this lab which included teaching with technology, increased student engagement, collaboration in the classroom, enhanced personal learning as well parent involvement.

Students from class 4M showcasing the VLE in the mobile lab

The use of Frog on the Samsung 4G Chromebook is a means to bring education in Malaysia to greater heights and the official launching of the ‘Learning in the Cloud’ project is a milestone that reflects that the future of education is now.

Watch the video below to see interviews with the Chairman of the School's Board of Directors Mr Eddie Heng, the Head Teacher of SJK(C) Sentul Ms Cecilia Kow, and others who are also involved in the project.

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