Thursday 31 October 2013

Interact Clubs of Petaling Jaya “Go the XtraMile” with FrogAsia to raise funds for Dignity for Children Foundation

On 30th October 2013, students from five Interact Clubs of Petaling Jaya in partnership with FrogAsia went the “XtraMile” for students at Dignity Foundation today by holding a reading session with the primary students, painting the school banisters, donating books and art supplies as well as donating a total sum of RM4373.25 that was raised from the “XtraMile Project with Frog”.
Interactors and teachers with FrogAsia's Sarah Lim and Aizat Izyani, Rotarian Victor Lee, Dignity's Special Project Coordinator, Rosaleen Goh and Dignity's Executive Director, Mrs Petrina Satvinder. 

The Project, themed “Going the XtraMile”, was a month-long project that kick-started with the XtraMile Run for Dignity on 24 - 25 August where the Interactors SMK(P) Sri Aman, SMK(P) Assunta, SMK(L) La Salle, SMK(L) Bukit Bintang and SMK Sultan Abdul Samad, ran the last 1km with the XtraMile runners to the finish line. 

Interact Clubs of Petaling Jaya with XtraMilers, Alex Au-Yong, Kyle Tan and Daniel Lee at the XtraMile Run for Dignity on 25 August 2013

Each club designed and carried out a project that reflected what it meant to go the extra mile for someone in need. With support from the Rotary Club, these projects included a range of fun activities initiated by the students themselves which included a carwash by the Interactors of SMK(L) Bukit Bintang, a bake sale by the Interactors of SMK(P) Assunta, a book collection by the Interactors of SMK Sultan Abdul Samad, collection of funds and art supplies by the Interactors of SMK(P) Sri Aman and badge sales by SMK(L) La Salle. 

One of the main objectives of the Project was to empower students to go the extra mile for others in need by harnessing the use of Internet as a force for good. Throughout the project duration, two Samsung 4G Chromebooks were loaned to each of the five Interact Clubs where they creatively used the Frog VLE and the Chromebooks as a platform to document their project, communicate with the project committee and unite their club towards this cause. 

Interact Club of SMK Sultan Abdul Samad donated books and held a reading session with students at Dignity to encourage English literacy among students from a multicultural background. 

The visit to Dignity was a great day for all the Interact Club and Dignity students as they got a chance to talk to each other and learn about each others' lives. It was especially meaningful for the Interact Club students as they had a chance to meet the students who would benefit from all their contributions.  The day was filled with goodwill - where students were glad they could just help out in their own way - big or small - for Dignity. Some gave their full effort in painting, others shared their talent for music, and some read with the Dignity students.

Interactors teaching English to primary students at Dignity through singing action songs. 

The project was in line with the objectives of 1BestariNet, a project initiated by the Ministry of Education, which include using technology to drive extra curricular activities in school.

It was heartening to know that they were inspired after spending the day with Dignity and that throughout the Project, they had found Frog useful in achieving their goals. It just goes to show that with the right tools, students are capable of being agents of positive change in their communities. 

“Using the Frog VLE was a big part of this project. We used it to spread awareness about Dignity and encourage others to take a more active role though using their 1BestariNet IDs to login and spread the news through VLE. It was a fun project that was also holistic as we got to do good for these kids who really needed the help,” said Arunn Suntharalingam, President of SMK(L) La Salle’s Interact Club Interact Club and the Interact Club Committee of Petaling Jaya. 

Varsha Gopinathan (SMK Sultan Abdul Samad) mesmerising the primary students at Dignity with a story song on her guitar

The Project ended with a visit to Dignity initiated by the students themselves which would give them a chance to spend quality time with the students that they had raised funds for. FrogAsia then awarded monetary prizes to the Interact Clubs with the most successful projects. Prizes were awarded to SMK(P) Assunta for 1st Place, SMK(L) Bukit Bintang for 2nd Place, and SMK(P) Sri Aman for 3rd Place. These prizes are to be channeled towards the next community project of their choice.

“It was very inspiring to meet the children at Dignity and see how much they want to study. It really opened up my eyes to a lot today,” said Tasha Prabha, SMK(P) Assunta 

“We’d love to do a project like this again because we got to raise awareness on this issue and we got to help a lot of children out, which is the aim of our Interact Club,” said Prianka Jothi Ganes, SMK(P) Assunta

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