Thursday 14 March 2013

Making a Difference in Education: Mr Nanis Karuna

FrogAsia celebrates those who make a difference in their community by going the extra mile, and Mr Nanis Karuna is no exception. He recently won our Great Webinar Giveaway for being one of the most active participants during the six-week Back2School Webinar series. Mr Nanis' dedication to learn about the Frog VLE despite not having yet received any formal training with Frog is a story that must be told. 

Get to know this enthusiastic English teacher and Apple Distinguished Educator from SJK(T) Mak Mandin, Penang, to find out how he learnt to use the Frog VLE on his own and what motivated him to create and share more than 55 teaching Sites with teachers nationwide through the FrogStore!


It's always encouraging to meet educators like Mr Nanis who bring the teaching and learning experience to a whole new dimension through the Frog VLE. We're excited to see how much more he can do with Frog on the Chromebook in these next three months.

If you've got a great story to tell, we'd love to share it with everyone too! Just hop on to our Facebook page and let us know you have a Frog Story to tell, and we'll be in touch. 

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