Monday 4 March 2013

Hoppin' Tunes: "The Making Of" with Chrislynn Pereira

Have you seen the first Hoppin' Tunes video that was produced by our awesome FrogAsia interns, called "Never Going Back to Textbooks"? It's brilliant! Get to know the creative geniuses behind this catchy production and find out how they managed to pull off this project as a team. 

Meet Chrislynn Pereira, a perky young lady who's also one of the youngest members in the production team and younger sister to Jason. 

FrogAsia: How did you choose the song for this video? 
Chrislynn: We needed a song with a catchy tune, and although I hate to admit it, Taylor Swift's "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" was perfect.

Explain the lyrics and why they were chosen for the song? 
We wanted to address all the features of the Frog VLE, and were lucky they happened to rhyme!

What was the process in making this video? 
We spent ages thinking about where to film our proposed scenes, who would act in the shots, who would make the props, hold the props, how to not completely embarrass ourselves on the internet, etc. Even then, it was probably the most fun I had in my working experience with FrogAsia.

Is there anything you discovered about yourself during the process of making this video with your team?
I realized that I'm really good at pretending to faint.

If you had the chance again, would you enjoy working on a fun project that requires creative thinking like this one?
Definitely! Not only did this improve my parody-song-writing skills, but I bonded greatly with my other team members and now we're great friends! Also I learned how to fake faints with the finesse of a true drama queen.

To know more about what Chrislynn was talking about, watch their original video below! 

Impressed? This video was fully produced by our high school interns all on their own, and if you're a student, YOU can do the same thing too!

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