Saturday 23 February 2013

Hoppin' Tunes: "The Making Of" with Jason Pereira

Have you seen the first Hoppin' Tunes video that was produced by our awesome FrogAsia interns, called "Never Going Back to Textbooks"? It's brilliant! Get to know the creative geniuses behind this catchy production and find out how they managed to pull off this project as a team. 

Meet Jason Pereira, a truly efficient intern with a unique sense of humor - also the only guy in the production team. 

FrogAsia: How did you choose the song for this video? 
Jason: We were just scrolling down the music chart and trying to change lyrics of songs that caught our attention. This song was the only one that sounded decent enough!

Explain the lyrics and why they were chosen for the song.
The message 'We are never ever, ever going back to textbooks' was chosen because with the Frog VLE, physical textbooks won't be needed anymore as everything is now available on the Internet and the FrogStore! 

What was the process in making this video? 
We didn't have a lot of time to shoot the video so everything was mostly on creative impulse. Most of the time, we just rolled the camera and improvised on whatever came to our minds. Harlem shake!

Is there anything you discovered about yourself during the process of making this video with your team? 
Being the only guy in the video was a little weird. Getting three girls to listen to you while trying to avoid arguing is quite a challenge, especially if its your sister. :P During the shooting process, we had to consider everyone's opinion before actually doing it. So yeah, I learnt to be more attentive to the opinions of others. 

If you had the chance again, would you enjoy working on a fun project that requires creative thinking like this one? 
Haha, YEA! Maybe after SPM. :D

To know more about what Jason was talking about, watch their original video below! 

Impressed? This video was fully produced by our high school interns all on their own, and if you're a student, YOU can do the same thing too!

We want to showcase YOUR creative ideas in your Hoppin' Tunes video too! Hop on into The Pond to find out how to FrogBomb the lyrics of your favourite song and stand a chance to win great prizes just by participating in the Hoppin' Tunes Competition

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