Tuesday 18 December 2012

A Huge Frog Shoutout to SJK (C) Chung Huah, Kampar!

In conjunction with the 2013-2025 National Education Blueprint, SJK (C) Chung Huah in Kampar took the initiative to hold their own Frog VLE launch at the school.

Headteacher Mr. Chan said that the Frog VLE will change our traditional education framework, allowing students to take ownership of their studies while contributing to the growth of quality education in Malaysia. He also believes that with the help of the Frog VLE, the quality of education in his school will inevitably improve.

We’d like to say a big kudos to SJK (C) Chung Huah for taking the leap and going all out to ensure the successful implementation of Frog in their school!

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