Tuesday 23 October 2012

Putra Perdana Parents Learn More About the VLE

Frog is on the move! Starting with our Pilot Schools, Frog is set to hit 10,000 schools in 2013. (That’s a lot of schools and a lot of travelling!) Join us as we share pictures from the road and discover what it is life is like in schools around the nation.

It was a cloudy and cool Saturday morning, splendid for what was to come. The FrogAsia team were invited to an event in one of our pilot schools, S.K. Putra Perdana in Putrajaya, where the school has organised a day for the parents to learn about the Frog VLE and how they can work together with the school to maximise the potential of the VLE.

We were so encouraged by the support and the turn-out of the parents. They were really passionate about their children’s education, and many of them came out bright and early on a weekend morning to learn more about the Frog VLE.

Elizabeth Lopez, Head of Transformation Management, gave the parents a concise explanation about the parents’ dashboard, and the level of accessibility to which they are entitled. They were very attentive as Liz went on to explain some of the features of the VLE that will enable them to maximise both their time and their child’s time to give them a more holistic learning experience.

Not only that, the school also took the opportunity to feature some of the amazing artwork that has been done by the students. The level of creativity and initiative shown by these students were so inspiring. Many of them did the artwork on their own accord and the heart that they put into it shines through.

After the talks and the detailed explanations, a dialogue session was held to give the parents a chance to further understand the VLE and air their concerns. The parents were very inquisitive, and the panel did a great job at answering the questions.

It was great to see that the VLE is reaching the parents now as well. We hope that many other schools would take S.K. Putra Perdana’s example and hold events like this to smoothen the implementation of the VLE in the schools.

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