Friday 11 April 2014

Back to the basics: FrogAsia celebrates Earth Hour

As part of FrogAsia's commitment to Earth Hourall FrogAsia staff were encouraged to pursue earth-friendly initiatives in their personal capacity for two weeks. This includes opting to travel to work via public transport instead of driving, unplugging from devices, skipping cigarette breaks and climbing the stairs instead of taking the lift. 

In total, as a company, we traveled 1,389 kilometres by public transport instead of driving, spent 321 hours unplugged from their devices instead of checking social media and climbed 198 storeys instead of taking the lift! 

We also decided to have some candle-lit fun to celebrate Earth Hour and so we organised a Board Games Night to encourage staff to take time out to unplug, unwind and connect with colleagues the old fashioned way - over board games! 

Candles were lit, lights were dimmed and dinner was served as well for this special event. 

Too many games to choose from!  

 The "Taboo" table

The "Avalon" table

Needless to say, the team had a good time bonding over these childhood past times and we certainly discovered a whole new (competitive) side to each other's personalities! 

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