Tuesday 18 March 2014

Students’ maths improves at SK Jalan Selangor (1) with I Am Learning

One of the best things about applying the use of technology in education is that there’s something for everyone, especially in a classroom of students who each have different learning styles.

FrogAsia and I Am Learning, a games-based learning app from the UK with lessons mapped to our Malaysian curriculum, are working together on an 8-week pilot project to trial the use of the app for Maths at SK Jalan Selangor (1). The app  provides analytics for teachers to monitor the progress of each student by identifying their strengths and weaknesses in each activity.
The students have since shown a increased interest in Mathematics as the average amount of time students spend learning with the app per week increased from just 30 minutes in the first week to 4 hours by the third week!

Pn Pathma revises her Maths lessons with her class by projecting 
I Am Learning lessons on the board

Maths teacher Pn Pathma excitedly told us about one of her students in a lower scoring category (Group C). She usually has to write "See me"  in this student’s exercise book due to her incomplete work and bad handwriting. This same student recently surprised her by scoring 95% and 100% for an add and subtract exercise on I Am Learning and another student in Group C also scored 95% in her first attempt at a subtracting math exercise on I Am Learning - all in less than 20 minutes!

Students sit in groups with Pn Pathma to work on Maths activities together using the I Am Learning app on Samsung 4G Chromebooks

If you are a parent looking for fun educational resources for your child, you can find great learning apps like I Am Learning, LiteracyPlanet and more on the FrogStore! 

Many of our apps are brought in by our international partners who have mapped these game-based lessons to our Malaysian curriculum, making it suitable for any child who attends a public school.

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