Monday 17 February 2014

Stand Up Against Bullying

Bullying is a very real issue in schools across the globe and Malaysia is no exception. According to statistics from the Global Youth Online Behaviour Survey released by Microsoft Corp in 2012, 84% of Malaysian children have been bullied and about one in every three Malaysian children say they have been subjected to online bullying

In light of the increase of bully cases, we champion the message to take a stand against all forms of bullying in schools, whether it is verbal, social, physical, sexual, or even cyber bullying. 

“Words are powerful. It only takes three seconds of negativity to get into someone’s mind,” said Nick Vujicic as he addressed the issue of bullying at our Leaps of Knowledge event last August. Born without arms and legs, Nick grew up experiencing bullying at school due to his differences, and had attempted suicide at the age of 10 before he eventually had a turning point in life for the better. He now speaks to millions of people across the world encouraging them to discover their true value and has expressed his concerns for the issue of bullying in Malaysian schools. 

It is so important that our Malaysian students understand what bullying is in order to recognise it and know how to take action against it. For the next two weeks, we will be focusing on educating students on the issue of bullying and we strongly encourage schools across the country to join us in this national cause by running an anti-bullying campaign in each respective school as well. 

You can visit to find out more about what Nick says and download resources to help you run an anti-bullying campaign in your school

We're also running a Facebook contest for the next two weeks! Bullying is something that should not be considered 'normal'. We believe that the world can be a better, kinder and more compassionate place when everyone decides to stop accepting bullying. We'd like to hear some of your ideas for how we can stop bullying together. 

"What would you do if you were bullied or spotted someone being bullied in your school?"

Tell us your best answers to the question above by commenting on this post. The best answers will be contacted so that we can send you a Frog goodie bag to say thank you for your suggestions to make school a bully-free place!


  1. Tell your teacher!

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