Thursday 6 February 2014

Frog at BETT 2014 held at ExCel, London.

The world's leading learning technology event, the BETT 2014 show (British Educational Training and Technology), recently took place again this year at ExCel, London and it was nothing but spectacular. There were a total of 688 exhibitors from around the world including Frog and our partners, showcasing the latest advancements in education technology all in one place! 

The Frog stand was a hit among BETT participants as our staff were busy as bees giving demos of Frog's latest features all day for four days in a row! We had the privilege of welcoming Education Ministry representatives to our booth from France, Croatia, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Russia and UAE as well as educators from schools in Sweden, Norway and Turkey.

Here are some amazing statistics to give an idea of how exciting the event was: 

There were 12,000 bags and brochures distributed, 
10,000 jelly bean packets given out, 
500 FrogStore mugs redeemed, 
500 Frog earphones taken home, 
900 demos shown by Frog staff, 
and visits from 80 schools throughout the event!

We were also honoured to have UK's Education Secretary Michael Gove mention Frog in his opening speech as: ‘the cutting edge of educational technology’.

"Frog had developed “the world’s first project to connect an entire nation through a single, cloud-based learning platform, in Malaysia. All 10,000 state schools and 10 million users are being provided with 4G connectivity to Frog’s virtual learning platform - so no matter where students live in the country, they all have access to the same, high-quality resources and content.”
To read Michael Gove's full speech click here
The BETT Arena, ExCel London

The Frog Booth - before the crowd arrived.

The Frog Booth - after the crowd arrived.

Frog's Askhar Ali explains the 1BestariNet Project and how Malaysia is the first nation in the world to have every school connected on a single cloud-based platform for teaching and learning. 

All smiles from FrogAsia's COO Kate Heal and FrogAsia's Head of Transformation Elizabeth Lopez as they proudly show BETT participants how outstanding teachers in Malaysian schools are using the Frog VLE in their lessons. 

The Frog family! 

As part of the 1BestariNet project under the MOE, YTL Group's FrogAsia and Frogtrade Ltd are working together to train and deliver the cloud-based learning platform, Frog to transform education for students, teachers and parents of students in Malaysian public schools. 

A huge shout out to our colleagues in the UK for putting together an amazing booth at BETT 2014! 

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