Wednesday 26 February 2014

21st Century Learning for 21st Century Learners

What is 21st century learning and how can Malaysian schools prepare our students for it? 21:21 The Movie is a short film documentary by 21 Foundation which helps to give us an idea.

21 Foundation is a a non-profit organisation founded by Patrick Newell of Learning Activist and Tokyo International School, which aims to raise awareness of the fundamental need to shift education in order to equip 21st century learners with the skills that will enable them to flourish in life.

The film documentary covers 21st century teaching methods across nine different countries where students are from a variety of social and cultural backgrounds.

In the film documentary, Newell elaborates on skills that students need to develop:

"... Reading, writing and arithmetic. But that's like the air we breathe. Beyond those skills, 21st century learners need to learn how to think creatively, critically and collaboratively. They need to know how to problem solve on many levels," he explains.

Teaching methods that meet 21st century learning such as involving students in decision-making processes, teaching by guided inquiry and integrating digital tools into the learning environment, can be applied in any country around the world - including Malaysia.

A big part of meeting the needs of our 21st century learners is when parents are able to recognise their role as the primary educators of their child. Parents actually play a far bigger role in their child's learning compared to school teachers as only 20% of a child's time is spent in school.

Watch this film to see how by being conscious of a child’s educational needs, parents can actually bring enormous value to their learning process through everyday activities.

21:21 - Aligning 21st Century Education with 21st Century Learners (Japanese subtitles) from 21 Foundation on Vimeo.

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