Thursday 16 January 2014

Recommended websites and resources for parents

No child's learning journey is complete without the support of his or her parents. FrogAsia loves parents like you who are constantly keeping up with your child's learning progress and making their education experience all the more amazing! 

To help you on that journey, here are a few of our favourite websites where parents can get the best educational and fun resources for children. 

Parent Toolkit
Navigate your child's academic and personal learning journey with the Parent Toolkit! It has everything you need to help you track and support your child’s progress from their early education years and all throughout their secondary school years. This toolkit offers handy tips to help you support and encourage your child’s educational achievement, and guidance on how to approach parent-teacher meet ups. 

PBS Parents
Be your child's first and best teacher with resources found on PBS Parents. Here, you can find trusted resources from experts in child psychology, early childhood education, media and other fields. PBS Parents offers the latest in parenting issues, great recipes to help you cook up delicious meals just for kids, fun games for your children and the chance to join conversations with other parents on all things relating to Child Development. 

The British Council - Parents
The British Council is well-known for specialising in international educational and cultural opportunities. Their parent resources are rich with tips on how to help your child learn according to his or her learning style, guidelines on internet safety for children, language courses and of course, a useful and friendly parent forum where you can connect with other parents across the globe to talk about the people you love most - your kids! 

Scholastic - Parents
Here's where you can access great reading resources for primary-aged school kids such as the timeless Magic School Bus series and Clifford the Big Red Dog. You can even download printable activities to do with your children after school or over the holidays. All this and more, available on Scholastic for Parents!

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