Tuesday 14 January 2014

FrogStore Featured App: Enhance your child’s English skills with LiteracyPlanet

Looking for fun and engaging learning activities that can target your child’s weak areas and at the same time, cater specifically to your child’s individual learning needs? Help your child excel with interactive resources from leading international educational providers on the FrogStore!

LiteracyPlanet is an online learning app designed to improve students’ English language skills through fun, educational games and activities. *Price available below

Why We Love This App

1. LiteracyPlanet allows students to explore fundamental literacy skills in a fun and engaging way.
2. LiteracyPlanet also provides a range of lessons and learning activities that cater to the individual needs of specific students.
3. LiteracyPlanet provides an engaging game-based program with challenging tasks that can target areas requiring improvements.

Why Frog?
“FrogAsia is ambitious and forward-thinking, and we believe their project will revolutionise not only the way education is delivered in Malaysia but throughout the wider region and eventually the world. With its reach to students in excess of 10,000 public schools and a highly motivated team - we believe that the FrogStore is the best way to bring LiteracyPlanet to Malaysia.

Our favourite channel on the the FrogStore is TedEd. We believe that the best way to transfer knowledge and skills to students is through providing content to them in a fun and engaging manner and TedEd does this superbly.’ - Chris Roberts, CEO of LiteracyPlanet.

Want to improve your child’s English Language skills further?
LiteracyPlanet and FrogAsia is proud to bring you Malaysia’s biggest word building competition - the Word Mania Malaysia Challenge 2014! The Word Mania Malaysia Challenge is a national word-building competition for all Malaysian primary and secondary school students aged 7 to 17 years with a 1BestariNet ID.

Support your child as he / she takes part in the Word Mania Challenge to beat the clock and build as many words as possible in three minutes! Your child stands a chance to win a Samsung 4G Chromebook, Yes 4G devices, and more! 

Find out more about the competition and register at www.frogasia.com/wordmania today!

*RM65 for a one-year LiteracyPlanet student subscription on the FrogStore. Parents will need to make this purchase for their child on the FrogStore and gift it to them.

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