Monday 22 July 2013

Rate it, Share it, Use it!

The FrogStore, your one-stop shop to all your educational needs, just got better! Now with these cool new features, you get to rate, share, and use the great resources available on the store

Rate it
Watched a video on the FrogStore and loved it? Or read a book and thought the ending could be better? With our new 5-star rating system, you can now rate an item after adding it to your Library, and check out what others are recommending too!

Share it
We know how it's like when you buy something awesome - you want to tell everyone about it. Well, now you can! With our handy social media sharing buttons, you can now share your latest purchase on Facebook or Twitter immediately upon confirmation of your purchase. Spread the good news!
Use it
It's time to make full use of Frog by adding a little fun into your whole Frog experience. Get your mouse clicking on our brand new premium themes available on the FrogStore. You can customise your Personal Dashboard or change the look of your Site to suit your personality or lesson plan with these awesome themes! Whether you’re a cartoon buff, a sports fan, or a pastel princess, there's a theme just for you on the FrogStore.

P.s. Can't find your newly purchased theme in your VLE's collection of themes? Try refreshing the page!

To find out more, head on over to and experience it for yourself today! You can also access the FrogStore via your school's Frog VLE. Have fun rating, sharing, and using all the latest on the FrogStore!

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