Tuesday 2 April 2013

What do parents love about the Frog VLE?

Since last year, Frog has been rolled-out to schools all around the country. Besides teachers and students, parents are also given their access to Frog through their 1BestariNet Yes IDs. By logging in with their IDs, parents are able to check up on their children through the Parent Noticeboard where they can receive notices from the schools and be updated on the latest happenings. 

While we can tell you what Frog does for parents, we'd rather let the parents speak for themselves. Watch the video to see what parents are saying about Frog!

This is only the beginning to a transformation in education. There's so much more in store for you when educators, learners and parents nationwide finally connect through a single learning platform. If you are a parent and have yet to retrieve your ID, click here to retrieve it and explore Frog for yourself!

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