Wednesday 16 January 2013

Team Thoughts: New Things for 2013!

What is FrogAsia all about? And why should you care? While we could point you to our website, we’d rather tell you in our own words so you can get to know us just a little more. 

We asked Frog’s Business & Development Manager, Kate Wallace, what she thinks are some of the most exciting things ahead for FrogAsia in the year 2013. Here's what she has to say: 

Kate, Alumni of West Kirby Grammar School for Girls, UK.

“From the top of my head, I think that one of the most exciting events drawing nearer for FrogAsia would be the launch of the FrogStore, a collection of teaching and learning resources, carefully handpicked by FrogAsia staff for teachers, students, and parents.

The FrogStore is populated with various digital content, from media channels to digital tools to assist students in customising their very own learning journey. There's something for everyone in the FrogStore.

Another big event on the FrogAsia calendar for this year is the nationwide live launch of the Frog VLE. Coupled with high-speed 4G access, the technology of the Frog VLE will be able to connect many more schools in Malaysia, fulfilling our vision as a connected nation on a single platform. 

Finally, the users of the Frog VLE will be constantly presented with new functions on the Frog VLE as the staff at FrogAsia are continually improving the Frog experience to solve problems for teachers, students, and parents alike.

Check out our new version of the Frog VLE this January 2013!”  

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