Monday 19 November 2012

The Buzz on Champion School Conference 2012!

Headteachers, parents, PIBG members and guests flooded the banquet room of the Ritz Carlton Hotel to hear speakers from FrogAsia and Google, as well as respected educators from around the world share their insights and perspectives on what it means to transform education through the Internet in meaningful and effective ways.
 Lord Steward Sutherland, Chairman of YTL Education.

The keynote address was delivered by Lord Stewart Sutherland, the Chairman of YTL Education. He shared his thoughts on how technology is rapidly changing our world and how crucial it is for educators to work in hand with parents and rise to the challenge of equipping the next generation for the future. “Education is not a gamble," he added. 

Puan Seri Sherina, sharing her experience as a Revived IT Dinosaur.

Parents and teachers listened attentively as Puan Seri Sherina gave an entertaining bit on her real experiences as a Revived IT Dinosaur. 

"How can you not get inspired by a Gangnam-dancing Headteacher?" Mr. Billie Downie, Headteacher of Streetly Academy, commented on Puan Sri’s act as she grooved on stage, illustrating how embracing change allowed her to connect and be relevant to the younger generation. 

Mr. Billie Downie, Head Teacher of Streetly Academy.

Mr. Downie shared his triumphant experience of bringing the Streetly Academy from the bottom 1% to the top 150 schools for progress and GCSE levels of attainment in the UK by introducing the Frog VLE

En. Sukimin Juki, Headmaster of SK Taman Putra Perdana.

En. Sukimin Juki, the visionary Headmaster of SK Taman Putra Perdana, also engaged parents and teachers by sharing his real-life experience with implementing the Frog VLE in his school, and the challenges he faced, such as convincing people of the need for change. 

“Many people refuse change because they do not see the need for change,” he commented. En. Sukimin also showcased how learning through the Frog VLE built up confidence in his students, who made a guest appearance onstage and blew the audience away with their 'Lompat Si Katak', Crazy Frog and Gangnam Style mash up dance! 

Students of SK Taman Putra Perdana performing in their Frog costumes.

Other speakers who spoke at the conference included Suan Yeo, Head of EDU (APAC) Google, who showcased how the Google apps provided through the Frog VLE can be harnessed for education, Lou Yeoh, Executive Director of FrogAsia, who provided an overview of the 1BestariNet programme and FrogAsia’s Champion School programme, and finally, Elizabeth Lopez, FrogAsia's Head of Transformation, who walked the audience through a live demo of the Frog VLE.

Datin Kathleen Chew, YTL Group Legal Counsel, closed the conference by challenging everyone involved, from headteachers to parents, to do their best in endeavoring to harness technology and transform the landscape of education.

Phoebe Tan, one of our Implementation Consultants, given headteachers a demo of the Frog VLE.  

Students and teachers of SK Taman Putra Perdana, all smiles after their performance. 

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