Wednesday 14 November 2012

Team Thoughts: Explore and Discover starting with the Internet!

If you could Explore and Discover any part of the world, where would you go?

FrogAsia’s Media & Communications Team Member, Lionel Ngion, takes us on an imaginary tour around the world as he answers the question by sharing his Bucket List with us:

The Vatican City in Rome, Italy. I’m very fascinated with architecture and the arts. The Vatican City is known for this. I would also love to witness the process of electing a new pope, which usually happens within 20 days from the former pope’s passing.

This is where the College of Cardinals votes for a new pope within the walls of the Vatican City. Each cardinal writes the name of the person he chooses as pope. The ballots are then burned and if no vote has been chosen, a chemical is added to create black smoke when burned. This smoke appears over the Vatican Palace for all the public to see from the outside. White smoke signals that a new pope has successfully been chosen.

Monaco. It’s a beautiful city-state although expensive. And mainly because I’m a huge Formula 1 fan! Monaco is one of the few places where the annual race is held in the city itself!
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Ellesmere Island, Canada. It’s a beautiful place for a getaway. I could spend a month traveling around with a backpack and sleeping in a tent! However I probably wouldn’t go alone since it’s a bit dangerous given that there are probably bears and other life-threatening factors!  
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There is a bigger world out there beyond the boundaries of what we learn in Malaysia. The Internet is a great tool to find out more interesting facts and it makes the world a little smaller by bringing it right to your doorstep! 

Start by heading over to The Pond in the Frog VLE and find out how you can be part of Froggy's Adventures! 

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