Tuesday 10 July 2012

All the best, Ms. Jaya!

At FrogAsia, we believe in doing things together - whether it's working or playing. We strive hard to cultivate an atmosphere of team spirit that infuses all that we do, and we value and celebrate diversity. Read on for a slice of life at FrogAsia!

A wonderful friend and colleague, our Senior Trainer, Ms. Jaya Pushani retires today, so we decided to throw her a little party to celebrate her last day here at FrogAsia.

Ms. Jaya, we would just like to thank you for being a great member of the FrogAsia team, and we wish you many happy and healthy years ahead!


  1. All the best Jaya. We hope to see you here for coffee and cake ... you bake the best chocolate cake ever :)

  2. Don't forget us Ms. Jaya! Best wishes to you :)